How to create an application

An application is the place where you will group all the vehicles and the business rules that you need to apply to the fleet.

Best practice: one application is one fleet. You need one new application for every new customer. Each application can have its own configuration and reports and contain any number of devices. ou typically don't want to mix units from different companies in the same application. 

Creating an application

To create a new application using the quick mode method follow these steps:

1. Go to Server Administration > Applications > Manage Applications


2. Click + Application.


3. Select the template you'd like to use, enter a name, and click Save.

Want more details? Read about application templates.


4. Once the application is created, you'll be able to start customizing it immediately. 

Add the application properties, apply customer branding, localize it with the right language and measurement units, choose security settings, tweak the privileges and plugins, and select the data cleanup settings.


Need to edit your application?

Go to Server Administration > Applications > Manage Applications. 

Click on the application you want to edit.