How to create an application

An application is the place where you will group all the vehicles and the logic that you need to apply to the fleet. Typically, an application belongs to the same organization, as you don't want to mix units from different companies in the same application.

This article describes how to create a new application using the different modes supported.

Quick mode

To create a new application using the quick mode method follow these steps:

1. Go to Applications > Search and Manage > + Application


2. Select Basic One as your application template. This basic template contains all the necessary elements to start a new application without previous experience.

To know more read about how to create an application template guide.


3. Wait until the application is created, when this step is done, you'll see a notification.

Click on Go to Application to start customizing it.


Now you have your first application ready to use!

Advanced mode

It is possible to create a customized application using the advanced mode. To make an advanced application follow these steps.

1. As on the quick mode explained above in step 2, select the Advanced button.


2. Input a name for your new application and select Basic One as the default template.

Click on Next


2. Add a new administrator user or select an existing one from the list. Then, click on Next.


3. Set the properties, localization, geocoding, and automatic logout for this application.


Then click on Finish.


Now you have your first advanced application created!

Learn how to brand the application.