How to log in to an application

This article describes how to log in to an application from Site Admin.

From server's login screen

When you login from the server's login screen, the users will enter directly into the application they have access to:


If your user has access to multiple applications (which is typically the case of a Site Admin user), you will be presented with the menu to choose an application:


From Site Admin (within an application)

If you are a Site Admin user, you can log in into another application by selecting the Manage Application's menu,


and choosing the option Switch to application:


Alternatively, you can also use the option Login as user, to impersonate and login with one selected:


From Site Admin (legacy)

To log in to an application from Site Admin, you need to use the impersonation feature.

This will allow you to select from which user you want to log in to this particular application.

1. Click on the window icon to the left of the application name.

2. Select Login