How to enable REST API

GpsGate REST API is a core functionality that is distributed with GpsGate.

You can control access to API resources from the different applications of your server using _APIRead and _APIReadWrite privileges.

By default, applications/users have no access to API resources.

  • _APIRead is for granting read-only access
  • _APIReadWrite is for granting read/write access.

Activate API privileges

1. Access the application privileges and features

2. Enable the privileges under API

3. Click on Save

Enable API in your application roles

After enabling the privileges for an application, you might want to give roles of users permission to use the API resources. For example, when you want to log in to get an API token with an operator user instead of an administrator  (after enabling API resources at the application level, administrator users will have the API resources enabled by default).

Read more about user roles here

Follow these steps to allow API access to the Roles you choose:

Log in to the application using an administrator user:

1. Select AdminRoles.

2. Select an existing role (e.g.: _Operators) or make a new role if necessary.

3. Under the Privileges section, enable _APIRead privilege for read-only access and _APIReadWrite privilege for full access.


4. Under the Users section, select the users you want to add to this role.

5. Press Save

Next steps

Log in and get an API token in REST.