REST APIs - overview

REST APIs are a powerful way to integrate your business systems with GpsGate. You can query information and update data in GpsGate in an automated fashion. You can drive these queries and updates based on events, user interactions, and more.

REST API examples
  • Send GpsGate data to SAP or other business systems. How often are you visiting your most profitable customers? How much time do you spend with your biggest accounts
  • Integrate with your accounting system to automatically collect trip data
  • Share vehicle positions with your work order system
  • Send data to a data warehouse
  • Use a custom GpsGate client

The use cases above are only a few examples. GpsGate data can enhance many functions: sales, customer support, billing, or even procurement. You can use our REST APIs to integrate with any business system or software that allows customization. We use standard HTTP features so they can be understood by many HTTP clients. We’ve made it as flexible as possible while keeping it predictable and straightforward.

Missing an API?

Please note that direct database access is not supported and that the database schema changes frequently between releases. Use the rich set of available web services and file exports available for integration. If you miss functionality in our APIs, open a ticket to let us know what you’re missing and why you need it!