Getting started with GpsGate

GpsGate is a flexible, scalable and extensible fleet management system - our tracking partners can solve any business problem with it. That means there are TONS of features to explore after you master the basics. So let's start there!

We'll walk you through most important steps for setting up your new GpsGate account.

Get a vehicle online

GPS tracking data is at the core of fleet management. There are two ways to generate data with GpsGate: 
test with our built-in device simulator OR connect a GPS tracker to GpsGate.


Customizing GpsGate

Make GpsGate your own with your company logo and your local language.

Using your vehicle data

Use geofences and event rules to automate fleet management tasks like notifications and alerts.

Managing users, vehicles, and customers

With many different customers and types of vehicles and users, admin functions like tags and separate applications help you organize customers and their fleets.

More advanced features to explore next

Once you get a vehicle online and some easy customizations made, you can start diving deeper and testing other features. For instance, learn about even more ways to customize GpsGate. Or visit the main support page to explore other GpsGate features.

Want a 1:1 training? We've got you covered! Learn more here or create a support ticket to request training.