Live KML feed in Google Earth

With this guide, you'll be able to configure your application to show your vehicles in real-time in Google Earth using the live KML feeds.

Create View

1. Log in to your application as an administrator.

2. Go to Admin > Views on the menu.

3. Click on Add new View. Give your view a name and a description. You can create a View using different criteria such as sending, connected, offline, and never seen. You can also group vehicles using Tags. Learn more about views and tags here.

4. Save your view when you're done.

Create the KML feed

5. Access the KML option from the Vehicles panel: 


6. You now have two options:
a) Copy the URL and paste it into Google Earth.
b) Use the Save as button to download the KML file that you will open with Google Earth (recommended).

Google Earth will now open and pan to your vehicles. Information about every vehicle is displayed in the Places panel.