Map Coordinates

This plugin shows the coordinate and street address of a position you click on map. This is very useful when importing and verifying the calibration of custom maps.


1. Install Map Coordinates in Site Admin > Plugins

2. Enable Map Coordinates privilege in your application properties under Privileges and Features

3. Click in Save.

How to use

1. Login into your application

2. Click in the Map coordinates icon in the toolbar

3. The Map Coordinates window will shows up. Left click anywhere on the map to get the location.

Then you should be able to see the coordinates and address (if available).

Another way of using it, is pasting the Lat / Long coordinates directly into the box. You will get an address if found at that location.

For example, you can try pasting: 59.329517 18.074055 and check the results.


Note: the address format depends on the geocoder selected in the application properties in Site Admin > Geocoding > Geocoder and its configuration under Geocoding > Geocoding address format