How to fix an Application converted to a Template


Has your application disappeared from the list in SiteAdmin, but you can still log in to the application?


Most likely you have converted it to a Template by Accident.


1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Applications (top menu)
3. Select the Templates radio button.

Now you should be able to see your application.

4. Select the application.
5. Scroll down to and expand Template
6. Click Convert to Application

7. Click in Save

Now your application should have to go back to normal.


NOTE: If after logging into your application you don't see any vehicles, verify you have at least one user selected in the _Administrator role (Admin > Roles). If you don't, go back to SiteAdmin, select your application, and in the category Administrators, add a new administrator user. Save your application properties and login to the app with an administrator user.