Western European borders report


The European Borders report will allow you to show the number of kilometers/miles driven by your vehicles grouped by country and vehicle. This report does not need a geocoder to get information about the borders.

Report setup

1. Download the Borders_Europe_Report.zip  

Import TR2005 IFTA Report Europe.xml in the Site Admin > Import and selecting Template

2. Activate the report in your application under Privileges and Features > _CreateReport TR2005 IFTA Report Europe

Read more about how to access privileges and features here.

Additionally you have to add the following privilege under Admin _ImportTemplate

3. Log in to the application and import the geofences Western European Boundaries.xml in Admin Import Template 

Note: the geofences includes most of the European countries and the continental boundaries. Islands and off-shore land is usually not included. The borders can be edited and corrected manually by the user upon need.

Wait until you get the confirmation, it could take 10 seconds or more depending on your server speed.

4. Go to Reports Manage Reports

And select your preferences in the parameters options and then click on Save

If you have tracking information in the different European countries, you’ll be able to see the amount of kilometers/miles driven grouped by country and vehicle as in the image attached as an example

Important notes:

  • To improve the server performance, you can remove the countries you don’t need from your Geofences in the Geofence panel > Geofence Mode
  • To remove all the countries and tags the quickest is to select Tag Mode and select Europe Countries tag, then select Remove all geofences option. This will remove all the geofences that are included in the Tag only.