Position marker type: Status

The "Position marker: Status" option allows you to select a different icon to represent the current state of the vehicle.

Enabling the status option for position marker type:

1. In Site Admin, access the application properties.

2. Select the Properties > Position marker type > Status


2. Save the application.

Setup the vehicle 

Position marker: Motion (default icons)

Based on the vehicle's current inputs for ignition and speed, it can display various statuses, such as:

Position marker: Icon Sets(Customize)

Setting up Icon Sets

1. Log in to your application. Then select Icon Sets from the Admin menu.


2. To create a new icon set, click on + Icon set.


3. Set a Name and an optional description for your new icon set.

4. An icon set can serve purposes as both a position marker and/or a status indicator.


5. Configure the condition(s) that will set the IconSet. In our example, we use the SOS signal. When SOS is true, the icon will become red on the vehicle marker.


6. Edit the vehicle/user properties > Marker and set the new Status indicator as the new IconSet created in the previous step.

Note from the following image, that the Position Marker of the vehicle is set to Motion where only the Status Indicator is set to the new IconSet.


As a result and according to our example setup, when SOS is true, we will see:

Screenshot_2023-05-23_at_16.59.10.png                               Screenshot_2023-05-23_at_16.59.21.png


Note: you can also apply this property to multiple applications using the batch edit feature.