Use your own icons

This guide explains how to upload your icons to the platform to be used with the Position marker type: Icon.



In order to use your icons over your units, you need to set the marker icons setting on your application:

Read how to enable the marker icons

Upload your own icons

You can create a new icon category where you can upload your own icons into it. 

1. Log in to your application and go to Admin > Icons


2. Select + Icon category


3. Put a name and an optional description to your new icon category


4. Click on Next

5. Click on the Icon button to upload a new icon.


6. Now click on Choose File to upload a new icon


7. Choose the desired properties for your icon.

Note: If you are going to make your icons rotatable, make sure they point to the North. (axis 0°) so when they rotate on the map, they do it to the right angle.


Finally, click on Add to Category.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each icon you want to add to this category.

9. When all the icons are uploaded into this category, click on Save.


Apply the icon to the user(s)

Now that we have a new set of icons with our own category, it is time to apply the new icons to the users of your choice. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Edit the vehicle/user properties


2. Go to the Marker property and click on Pick from Icon Library


3. Select the category, then the icon. Then click on + Use icon


4. Finally, click on Save.


Refresh the page for the change to be displayed

Now your new icon will be placed as the new vehicle marker.