Tracking Schedule

This plugin is a filter that makes it possible to discard device messages sent outside of working hours for reasons of privacy.
Weekly schedules can be defined and attached to roles. If a message is received from a user that belongs to a role that has a schedule defined, the time stamp in the message is checked against the schedule. If the time stamp is not within the scheduled working hours, the message will be discarded and not be registered in the database.

How to install

1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
2. Go to Plugins.
3. Click on "Get More Plugins".
4. Download and install "TrackingSchedule".
5. Go to the application management page for the app that you want to enable it for.
6. Enable/Disable Features -> Plugins -> "TrackingSchedule".
7. Enable/Disable Features -> Tracks -> "_UseTrackingSchedule".


Log in to the VehicleTracker application as administrator. Select TrackingSchedules in the Windows menu. A window with a list (empty) of schedules will appear. Click "Add new Schedule". A window with schedule properties will appear. There are three options for each day of the week: inactive all day, active all day and active in a time interval (this is similar to when defining Event Rules). Define the schedule and give it a unique name.

Below the schedule definition itself is a list of roles in which the schedule should be active. The _Unit role is selected by default if it exists, but it is possible to activate the schedule in any role or roles (or none). If the intended role does not exist yet, it is possible to return at a later time and add the schedule to the new role. It is also possible to edit Tracking Schedule assignment in the Role editor under the Tracks->_UseTrackingSchedule privilege.

When done editing the schedule, click the Save button. The properties window will close and the schedule will appear in the schedule list window. If the schedule was enabled for any role, filtering is now activated. It is possible to edit an existing schedule by clicking on it in the schedule list window.


  • You should not assign more than one schedule to each role and not more than one role containing a schedule to each user.
  • The time stamp used is the one reported by the device, not the arrival time at the GpsGate Server.
  • Schedules are interpreted as being in the time zone of the VehicleTracker application.