How to modify the default trip definition value

Read about trip definition here.

Modify the trip definition

Follow these steps in order to change the Trip Definition value:

1. Map the Ignition input on the Device Mapper

The first thing we are going to do is to verify that we have correctly mapped the signal we want to use in our Trip Definition. In this example, we use Ignition in the Device Mapper.

In the application, and go to Admin > Device Mappers and map your Ignition variable. The input this comes from depends on your device brand and model. Consult with your device manufacturer's support to learn more about Ignition detection for your particular device.


2. Change the Trip Definition

Open the Device Mapper again and go to 5. Trip Definition


2.1 In Type, select Device Input
2.2 In Minimum Idle Time, select the amount of time that will define a standstill.
2.3 In Input, select the variable that will generate the new trip definition (e.g. Ignition).
2.4 Save the device mapper configuration.

3. Reprocess the tracks

After making the change on the Input in the Trip Definition, reprocess tracking data in order to get the new values for your standstills.

Read how to reprocess tracking data here.


Trip definition with the default value: GPS Movement Trip definition with: Ignition
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