Publish plugin enables you to display a chosen view of your vehicle application and sharing it with a single URL without the need of authentication. This opens multiple possibilities, for example, to share a live view of vehicles for a corporate website or a blog.



1. Install the Publish plugin in Site Admin.

2. Enable the Publish privileges under the application properties Plugins > Publish


Read more about how to enable privileges for your applications.

How to Use

1. Log into your application as a user with Publish rights.

2. Open up the Publish window found in the Windows menu.


3. Follow the Publish wizard, it is divided into 4 steps:

3.1. Choose a size for your map and select Native Map or Google Maps.


3.2 Choose what logo you want to display in the map footer and what address you want the image to point at

3.3 Enable the current View. You can also Disable the View if you do not want to Publish it anymore

3.4 Copy the code and paste it into the right place on your blog/website

  • Native Map only supports the links shown in the picture (red). The Embed map in web page code (blue) is to be used only if you use Google Maps. If you don't own Google Maps key, don't use it in your Web page.
  • Google Maps, supports all the generated codes.


1. Download index_test.html and open it with your favorite text editor.

2. Replace the code generated in Publish, in the correspondent section of the file.

3. Once you've pasted the code, replace USERNAME for your vehicle username (you can see the username by adding the column Username in the Vehicle Panel or using Overview).

4. Save the index_test.html file.

5. Open the index_test.html file using your favorite browser.