How to batch add users into multiple applications using REST API

This guide explains how to batch add users into multiple applications using REST API.


Resource used

Users > users


How to

1. Log in to http://host_name/comGpsGate/api/v.1/test 

Note: replace host_name with your actual server IP address or host name.

2. Get the token and authenticate it as this guide.  Read how to log in and get an API token.

3. Click on the resource name, then > Try it out


3. Insert the parameters required. This API resource requires application ID and userIDs. Then press Execute.

Application ID: the application ID to which you want the users added. 

User IDs:  Users to be added in the destination application. The IDs should be sent with array format. 

Note: If you don't know your Application ID, you can obtain it as explained here.


4. In the response, you will see the Curl, Request URL, and the actual response message with the user IDs. If the response code is 200, the users have been added to the destination application.