Scripting - overview

With scripting, we put the power in your hands to extend the functionality of the GpsGate Server platform. You have the ability to create custom solutions to your customers’ business problems.

Scripting lets you program and automate all things data in GpsGate. Scripting can be used across all data variables and services. You can trigger events, set or alter data values, initiate data transfers, modify users, automate commonly performed action sequences, and more.

Scripting examples

  • Set up an SMS alert for fuel theft, loss, or leakage. Read more here.
  • Create custom reports for client-specific needs. Read more here.
  • Convert your device inputs and adapt them to different vehicle properties to generate an output. Read more here.

Scripting is a powerful resource and the examples above are only a few use cases. Scripting is available for apps, web services, device mappers, event rules, notifiers, command clicks, geofences, and the user right-click menu. Scripting is key in the creation of custom panels.