Scripting in GpsGate: a list of resources and script types

With scripting, we put the power in your hands to extend the functionality of the GpsGate platform. You have the ability to create custom solutions to your business problems which will give you a competitive advantage on the market.


Even though GpsGate includes a lot of functionality out of the box, the time will come when you need to implement a custom solution for a specific business problem.  Scripting allows you to do this. This enables you to extend the functionality of GpsGate and make changes at any time.

Examples of where scripting can be used:


Scripting can now be used in the following areas:

Build and manage your own scripted extensions for applications.

Web Service Scripts
Forward data or events to external servers in a custom format.

Device Mapper Scripts
Alter input values coming from the device. Merge signals and alter input values to extend the functionality of your tracker.

Event Rule Scripts
Trigger events based on more complex conditions. For example: build a business policy to manage many temperature thresholds.

Script Notifiers
A new way to create fully customizable event notifiers like telling an event rule to set a vehicle’s marker on the map to different icons for different speed intervals.

Command Click Scripts
Assign or remove a user from tags after a command is executed successfully for the user.

Click Scripts in User Right-click Menu
Combine multiple actions commonly used together, such as adding a user to a tag while removing it from other tags, into one.

Geofence Click Scripts
Access the data of a modified geofence and see the type of action that was performed.

Getting started with scripting

To start scripting in GpsGate, you need to know the Javascript programming language. You don’t have to be an expert programmer to do scripting. There are plenty of Javascript tutorials, guides, and online courses to get you started with the basics. Then you can have a look at the examples mentioned above and start working on an area that will benefit your business. If you want further tips, check out the article on common pitfalls with GpsGate scripting.

If you still feel that you have questions about scripting, you can contact GpsGate.

For the excellent scripters out there

If you are a skilled programmer and want to offer your help or services to others, please contact GpsGate Support for a discussion about partnership.