Keep your GpsGate On-site platform secure

GpsGate Cloud and On-site

On-site Security

Basic measures

  • Do not use a browser on your Windows server for casual surfing!
  • Do not open and read emails on your Windows server!
  • Never install software from the Internet that is not 100% needed and know its source!
  • Use a strong password! 
    • Include at least 3 of the following: Uppercase letter (A-Z), lowercase letter (a-z), number (0-9), and a special character like @ % & " ! ( ]
    • Read more about password strength and its importance via Wikipedia
  • Make sure you always have the latest Windows Updates from Microsoft installed.
  • Use a firewall, and only keep open the ports needed.
  • Be very restrictive on which software you install on the server.

Additional measures