Enable Paypal payment for your customers

This guide will show you how to use the Payment plugin along with Paypal to help you and your customers to ease the payment process.


  1. Download the Payment plugin
  2. Create a new Product Type
  3. Create a new Payment Plan

Create a customized notification

Setup your Payment Link in Paypal

In the Paypal documentation site, follow this guide. Refer to Getting Started with Buy Now Buttons which specifies the steps you have to follow to accomplish a Buy Now button link.

Once you have generated the Buy Now code, select the Email link and copy it to your clipboard or to a notepad:


Customize your Paypal notification in GpsGate Server

In Site Admin, under Payment Notification Templates, you can paste the generated PayPal code from the Email section, for example: 


By clicking on the Preview button you can get a sample of how your email will be like:


You can submit a test to the platform by activating a Payment Plan with your own email address. To do this go to Payments Activate and select your application with these settings:


To send the test email, click on Activate

Customer payment

When your customer clicks on the Pay Now button it will redirect them to the payment site.


Once your customer has paid, Paypal will submit a notification email confirming the payment.

After that, you can mark the payment as Paid in the Site Admin under Payments Search and Manage

You can also specify a description of the payment received:


If you want to see which customers have paid, you can use the search option by selecting the filter value:


If any payment period has been marked as paid before it will show up here with the payment_paypal_screenshot10.png icon in the status column: