Crash Data

You can now retrieve acceleration data related to a crash event detected by ATrack and Teltonika devices and display it as a graph.



  • Atrack devices should send crash data in ASCII format.
  • Teltonika devices should send data in binary format. 


1. Go to Site Admin (legacy) > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the Crash plugin

3. Access the application Privileges & Plugins

4. Select the privileges for Crash (_GetCrashData, _ViewCrashData)



1. Log in to your application

2. Click on the Crash icon


A new window will open.

3. Click on a row to visualize data.


Clicking on an item in the list brings up a graphical representation of XYZ acceleration data received. ATrack devices send data from 500 ms before to 500 ms after the crash event. You can zoom the time axis of this graph, exactly as you can for the track point graph.


You can also export the data to CSV from the ‘Export’ option in the context menu of the graph.