Getting access to preview features with the beta repository

GpsGate offers certain updates in beta before they're released in a stable version. Preview releases (beta) may have bugs or performance issues, so keep this in mind before opting to test them. Beta testers get early access to GpsGate features and can provide feedback, report bugs, and help shape the final version of the feature.  

In order to get access to preview releases, you will need to change your current updates repository to the beta version. Follow the steps below.

1. Log in to Site Admin.

2. Go to Plugins > Manage section.

3. Click on Change URL.

4. Add the URL


5. Hit Enter on your keyboard.

6. Your new repository should now be added to the list:


If you are using a preview feature, be sure to check the beta repository for updates often. When a feature is in preview, we release frequent updates.


Note: beta releases are for preview only. We don't recommend their installation in production environments. If you have concerns about installing certain updates, check first with support.

Learn how to update your server to the latest monthly release (not beta).