Buckets: categorize users by colors

With Buckets you can quickly add users into different color categories to sort them out directly on the screen.

Categorize your users into colors

1. Right click into any user available in the Vehicle Panel and pick up a color for this user

Now your user will be categorized with the selected color

2. Repeat the process for each user you want to categorize

Display the color category

To visualize a particular group of users, select the color from the menu


Additional options

Buckets offer additional options to make it easier to do/undo changes

Remove from Bucket: removes the selected user from its current bucket

Add all to Bucket: add all selected users into a bucket (by default to the blue bucket)

Clear all Buckets: goes back to the initial configuration without buckets assignments.


  • Buckets are a temporary user assignment. If the browser is refreshed, you will loose your changes.
  • Saving the Workspace won't save your buckets configuration.
  • If you need to make permanent group assignments, use Views instead.