Buckets: categorize users by colors

With buckets, you can quickly add users into different color categories to sort them out directly on the screen.


Categorize your users into colors

1. Right-click on any user available in the Vehicles list and pick a color for this user:


Now your user will be categorized with the selected color.


2. Repeat the process for each user you want to categorize.

Display the color category

To view a particular group of users, select the color from the menu:


Additional options

Buckets offer additional options to make it easier to do/undo changes:


Remove from Bucket: removes the selected user from its current bucket

Add all to Bucket: add all selected users to a bucket (by default, they are added to the blue bucket)

Clear all Buckets: goes back to the initial configuration without bucket assignments


  • Buckets are a temporary user assignment. If the browser is refreshed, you will lose your changes.
  • Saving the Workspace will not save your buckets configuration.
  • If you need to make permanent group assignments, use Views instead.