Trip and Idle Report (detailed) with temperature values

This guide shows how to import the Trip & Idle report with Temperature. 

This report is the same report as the standard TR1000 report, with additional three columns related to temperature for the trips (MaxTemp, MinTemp, AvgTemp).


Mapping the temperature signal

In order to get temperature values displayed on the report, map the input from where the temperature is obtained (depending on the device brand and model, this input could be different from the image below), to the Temperature variable.

Use the device mapper to map the temperature signal to the Temperature variable.


Import the report

Use the import report feature, to import the following report:

TR1000 Trip & Idle detailed with Temp (Tag).xml → Report Tag based

TR1000-U Trip & Idle detailed with Temp (User).xml → Report User based

Activate the report in an application

The report needs to be activated in an application before it can be used. Activate the report by following this guide.