MultiMonitor plugin

MultiMonitor plugin allows you to show multiple maps on a different monitor.

With this plugin you can pop out up to nine additional maps, either showing a static area of the map or follow a specific vehicle.


  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date.
  4. Click on Get More Plugins
  5. Install Multi-monitor
  6. Enable Multi-monitor in your VehicleTracker application.
  7. Login to your VehicleTracker application.

How to use

In VehicleTracker, either right-click the map and select “Popout map (static)” to open a static map of the currently viewed area of the map, or right-click a vehicle and select “Popout map (follow)” to open a map which follows the selected vehicle.

Once the popout window is opened you can move it to a second monitor. Please note however that due to security restrictions in modern web browsers we are unable to re-open the window on the second monitor when you login the next time. The window will always open on the same monitor where VehicleTracker is open. See more below about saving the popout window in the workspace.

You can close a map in the popout by clicking the black cross icon.

Static map

In this mode you get an overview of a specific area of the map. Once popped out you can still move it around and change zoom. The settings will be saved in your workspace if the popout window is open when you save your workspace.
If you switch view in the main VehicleTracker window, the view is also changed in the popout window, as indicated by the map title (“Static map: VIEW_NAME”).


This mode follows the selected vehicle, i.e. centers the map on the vehicle when it is moving.
If you switch to a view in VehicleTracker which the vehicle is not in, the vehicle will be hidden until you switch back to a view which it is in.

Supported Maps

These maps are supported:

Google Map
Native Map

and certainly more of the maps found here .