Site Admin User Search

User Search is a tool found in the Site Admin menu, and can be used to give you a better overview of all the users on a server, which users are billable and in which applications they are in. You can also save the search results as a file. 



User Search is a tool to find any user on your server and get information about which devices it has, last device activity, to which applications the user belongs and if the user consumes a licence.

The search box can be used to search for things like username, IMEI, application name, etc. You can limit your search to an application tag. Application tags are a way to group applications in Site Admin, and a tag can include one or many applications.

By clicking the column header, you can sort the table based on that column.


Save results

You can save the search result to a file (CSV) by clicking the Save results button in the top right corner of the table. The file will contain all results and columns that are visible in the table.

If you don’t want a column to be visible in the export you can disable that column by pressing the column selector icon in the top right corner. Select which columns you want to be visible and then save the results again.

Typical uses

Save a file with all users consuming licences for an application

  1. Check the Consumes licence checkbox.
  2. Select the application tag that includes the application that you are interested in.
  3. Use the Column Selector icon (top right corner of the table) to show/hide columns.
  4. Click on Save results button to save a CSV file. If necessary, import the file to Excel or similar software and make any visual modifications that suit your needs.

Find users/vehicles that are wasting your licences

  1. Check the Consumes license checkbox.
  2. Sort the table by Latest Device Activity to show devices that have not been active for a long time.
  3. Take action. Should this user be removed? Is the device not configured properly?

Find the user in any application by username or device IMEI

  1. Use the search box to search for the username or IMEI.
  2. If you want to narrow down the search to a few applications, select an application tag that includes those applications.
  3. The user that matches your search will be displayed in the table.