Tag notifiers: dynamically assign tags in your event rules

Using Tag notifiers you can dynamically assign tags to your users as notifications in Event Rules. This allows, for example, to add Users to different Views in an automated way. 


In SiteAdmin, go to Plugins > Get More Plugins and install Tag Notifier plugin.


To use Tag Notifiers, you have to create/edit an Event Rule and select Tag Notifier in 5. Notifications.

Tag when rule is on: this is the tag you want to apply when the event triggers according to the conditions of step 4. Expressions.

Tag when rule is off: when the Event Rule is no longer true, it will apply this tag.

To know more about Event Rules we recommend you to take a look at this guide.


In the following example we will create a new Event Rule with a Tag notifier that will change the vehicles’ tag to Idle or moving depending on their Speed analog’s variable.

  • Note: the tags Idle and Moving were previously created in Admin > Tags