SMS & Email quota per application

There is a quota per application that sets how many emails and SMS can be sent per month or per day. Use this setting to limit the number of SMS a customer can have as notifications. Use it to control costs or to put an upper limit on badly configured event rules.

  • The quota limit is turned off by default.

How it works

If the quota is exceeded, an email is sent to the address specified. If no email is specified, the registered Site Admin email is used. A maximum of one email per day, and application, and type of message will be sent.


Setup for one application
1. Log in to Site Admin.

2. Open the application privileges and features.

3. Go to Quota.

Set a Quota - 0 means this feature is turned off.


4. Save.

Setting limits to multiple applications

1. Log in to Site Admin.

2. Go to Batch Edit (left menu).

3. Select Edit Properties. Click Next.

4. Set Quotas. Click Next.

5. Select Applications. Click Next.

6. Execute.

Read more about Batch Edit here.