Teltonika DualCam setup (Beta)


  • The latest Teltonika plugin.
  • The latest Teltonika firmware for your device (contact Teltonika's support for more information).
  • Port TCP 12051 open in your firewall (the device needs to be configured to send the pictures to this port). Note that only the pictures should go to this port. Device's tracking data should go as usual to port TCP/UDP 12050.


1. Configure Camera plugin.

2. Configure your device to report to the port TCP 12051 (Teltonika Dualcam Protocol over TCP/IP). Contact Teltonika's support for more information how to configure your device.

3. Create a Template Command with any of the following instructions, or send these commands using the Terminal:  

  • camreq:1:1 (for front camera)
  • camreq:1:2 (for rear camera)
  • camreq:1:3 (for both cameras)

This command will trigger a take picture request.


  • Currently, this is a Beta version of the DualCam support (meaning the product is sent "as is". If you have feedback, contact GpsGate Support always attaching Terminal data and server's error logs).
  • Currently, only pictures are supported (no video support).
  • There's no Take picture button from the GUI. The action of taking a picture, has to be executed as a command template as instructed above.
  • One command should be sent at a time before receiving the picture. If multiple same commands are sent in a short period of time, it will overwrite the request to the device and the initial picture might not be received.

More information

Read the Teltonika DualCam online documentation for more information about the device.