Vehicle Status Templates

Customising the vehicle status

Creating templates will allow you choosing your inputs you need to display. The templates are editable from both the pop-over or the Admin menu. On the pop-over menu you are editing the template used at that moment for that vehicle, while in the Admin menu you have access to all your templates.

On the pop-over

To edit the input list for the pop-over menu, click on top right corner icon - Edit template on the Vehicle Status for any vehicle.


On the Admin menu

You can also go to access this via the menu with Admin > Vehicle Status Templates.

You can add a new template, duplicate an existing template, or edit an existing custom template.

Tip: duplicate the default template to start with some info and icons already populated.


Select the content and quick actions you'd like to include on the marker. 




Action buttons:



To add new button click on + Action Button on the top right corner, or click on existing buttons to edit the commands.




Assign a template to a vehicle

You can assign a template to one user at a time via Edit User > Marker > Vehicle Status settings. 


After saving, you will see your custom vehicle status:


Assign templates in batch mode

To assign to multiple users, enable the Vehicle Status Template from User Type. Then use Batch Edit to assign it to users as desired.


Troubleshooting / FAQ

One (or more) of the quick actions buttons isn't displaying. A user must have the proper privileges for all quick actions to show (e.g. if a user doesn't have Publish privileges to share a vehicle location, that quick action will not show on the vehicle status).

The template name can't be found when I try to batch edit users. What's wrong? Be sure that the Vehicle Status template is enabled for the User Type first. You should then be able to assign it via batch edit.