Map markers

Customers can configure vehicle map markers to show all of the data they need at a glance.



Customizing vehicle map markers

Displaying vehicle status as the position marker


When you use vehicle status as the position marker, it will show whether the vehicle is moving, idling, parked, offline, or pending. To enable this, go to Site Admin > Applications > Properties and select Status on the Vehicle Marker Type section. 


For more info, check the icon status for your vehicles article.

Adding further customizations to the vehicle map markers

First, log in to your application. Then select Icon Sets from the Admin menu.


1. To create new icon sets, click on + Icon set.


2. Set a Name and an optional description for your new icon set.

3. An icon set can both be used as a position marker and/or a status indicator.


  • Label color: shows on the left side of the marker label
  • Label icon: shows on the left side of the marker label
  • Label text: display name or username on the label
  • Status indicator(s): display to the right of the label text (selected from icon sets)
  • Position marker: displays the current vehicle location (selected from icon sets)

4. Configure your icon sets according to your preferences. 

In the example below, it will display an icon if SOS True/False is detected. If no SOS signal is received, it will display no icon at all.

Remember that the signals you use in order to detect the icon changes should be correctly mapped in the device mapper first.


To set a custom marker for a specific user, right-click on the user, select Edit user and make changes in the Marker section.


NOTE: By default, the position marker uses the motion icon set to show whether the vehicle is moving, idling, parked, or offline.