Generate a Google Maps API key to use with GpsGate

If you want to use Google Maps with GpsGate, you need a valid Google API Key. Follow these steps to successfully apply this key into GpsGate server.

  • Note: this procedure is to enable Google Maps only. Geocoding is not included in this guide.

Obtaining Google API Key

1. Go to Google Get API Key site.

2. Click on Get Started


3. Select Maps and click on Continue


4. Set a project name and click on Continue


5. Select Create Billing Account


6. Select your region and click on the Agreement before continuing.


7. Setup the payment method and click on Continue.

8. Once the payment setup has been accepted you'll end up on this screen. Click on Next.


9. Finally, your new API key will be displayed. Copy/Save this API key for the next step.


10. Go to your GpsGate server Site Admin > Maps > Google

11. Paste your new key into the Maps JavaScript API Key section.


12. Click on Save.

13. Enable Google Maps into your applications as described in this guide.