Variable notifier: know the application name of your vehicle in an overview application

Using variable notifiers, you can view the name of the application a vehicle belongs to from an overview application. This article describes how to achieve this.


Read how to create an overview application.


1. Import this event rule into each of your source applications. Read about how to import event rules.

  • This event rule forces the event to trigger and saves the App Name into a variable that will be retrieved later on by the Overview application.

2. Log in to the Overview application (the application where all your vehicles of your server are together).

3. In the Overview application, use any device mapper configuration and map the variable Custom text.

For example, we can use TrackerOne device mapper and map Text1 input to Custom text.


  • This variable should match the variable used in the event rule from step 1 that is in each application.

4. Refresh the browser and add the column custom text.


5. Select the variable Custom text from the list.


Now when you get activity from your trackers, you'll see the application name updated in that column on the screen.


Additional notes

This feature works with live data. It requires your devices being active and reporting to the server before seeing any data in the custom text column in the overview application.