Generate a Google Geocoder API key to use with GpsGate

If you choose to use Google Geocoding services, you need to obtain a license key from Google to get correct the functionality. For GpsGate Cloud accounts, having Google Maps is optional (read more about the differences here in the FAQ).

Getting Started with Google Maps in GpsGate

1. Follow these steps to get a Maps JavaScript API key.

2Select your project name in your Google Console.

3. Select Geocoding API


4. Click on Enable


5. Go to Credentials in the API Manager to generate a new key (Maps and Geocoding require different keys).


6. Select Create Credentials > API Key


7. Copy/Save your new key


  • Optional: for security reasons, it's recommended to restrict the key following the assistant.

8. Paste this new key into the Geocoding section in Site Admin > Maps > Google


9. Click on Save.

10. Click on Test Key.

11. Enable your new Geocoder in an application.