Variable notifier: save the geofence name the vehicle was in

In this article, we'll describe how to use variable notifiers to save the geofence name in the history of the user/vehicle.


1. Create an event rule.

2. In step 4. Expression select Geofence Expression.

3. Select the Geofence you want to use for your vehicle's history. To learn more about geofence events, go here.


4. In step 5. Notifications, select as Source Geofence ([GEOFENCE_NAME]) and as Target any variable of the type string (to store the geofence name). For example: Custom text, Custom string, etc.


5. Save the event rule.


When your vehicles go inside a geofence, you'll be able to see in which geofence they were. 

You can add this information in the vehicles panel or in the track points panel