Variable notifier: create and store variables for the history of the vehicle

With variable notifiers, you can create powerful variables in your event rules and store the results as part of the general history for the vehicle.

Using this feature, you can store and display any data in the history of the vehicle, not just data sent from the trackers.

The data stored can later be used in reports, fetched via API, or seen on-screen in a column to review the history in the Tracks panel.

How to use it

1. Create an event rule.

2. On step 5. Notifications, select Variable as the notification choice.


3. Assign a variable Source and a Target


  • Source: where the information will be taken. The source is defined in step 4. Expressions.
  • Target: the variable to which you'll assign the result of the expression to be saved.

Some examples of usage:

 Additional notes

  • Variable notifiers work since the creation of the Event Rule using this feature. Historical data won't be changed.
  • If a variable is selected in the device mapper, it won't be possible to add it as a target in the variable notifier. In this case, another variable has to be selected.