Road Works getting started guide

Note: Road Works is deprecated. Please contact us if you have questions about tracking your fleet coverage with existing GpsGate features.

Road Works is a premium feature in GpsGate that allows you to track activities for real-time and historical fleet coverage. You know what activity each vehicle was doing (plowing, painting, paving, etc.), where, and when.



If you have GpsGate On-Premise (your own local server), you need to set up the GIS stack before installing Roadworks. 

This is not necessary if you're using GpsGate in Cloud.

Setting up Road Works

Site Admin setup

1. Install Road Works plugin.

2. Access the application properties in Site Admin.

3. Go to Privileges and Features Plugins > Road Works and enable all the privileges under that category.  


  • _EditRoadworksConfig is required to configure the Activities
  • _ReadRoadworksConfig is required to view the configurations and the activity tracks
  • _RecordRoadWorksActivities must be added to the device role (_Unit as the default) to start recording the activity tracks for the devices

4. Save your application settings at the bottom of the page.

Application setup

1. Make sure you enable the _RecordRoadWorksActivities privilege in the _Unit role.

You can do this in Admin > Roles menu. This will allow your vehicles to write Road Works activity data into the system.


2. Open the Road Works panel from the Window menu.


Next Steps

Important: in order for Road Works to read existing routes, create geofence groups that only contain Route Geofences.

Additional notes

  • For better results, use Native Maps 2.0 as your default map with this new feature. 
  • Road Works is a premium feature with an additional monthly fee per Road Works vehicle. Customers must be using the Cloud or On-site pay-as-you-go model to access Road Works, and volume discounts apply. Learn more here.