Prepare your Windows Server for a GpsGate installation

To ensure a successful installation of GpsGate you'll need to prepare your Windows Server with the required components.

Read GpsGate requirements.

Install Windows Server Components

1. Open Windows Server Manager. 

2. Select Add roles and features.

3. Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.

4. Make sure the following two roles are selected:

5. For File and Storage Services, make sure the following are selected:

6. For Web Server (IIS), make sure the following are selected:

7. Finally, select the following component for Management Tools:

8. Click on Next.

9. Now it's time to select the Features.

We'll need to select the following features:

10. Click Next to begin the installation of the selected components.

11. When the installation of the components is done, restart the server (recommended).

Now all the necessary components to install GpsGate are ready!

Next Step

Install GpsGate.