Using the device simulator for sales demos

Sales demos help prospective customers understand the value you provide - so we make software demonstrations easy. You can SHOW the value your company will provide via software while explaining your great installation, comprehensive training, and stellar customer service.

It's easy to do a quick demo with only a laptop and an internet connection - no preparation, track data collection, or lots of customization required. Your secret weapon: the device simulator!



None required. Bonus points if you have 2 minutes to add their logo to the application. Extra bonus points if you have a demo application set up that you use to highlight certain features.


1. Add a new simulated device

2. Create a track

3. Toggle the SOS switch to generate an event (be sure to update each state)


While you're completing the steps above, you can talk to them about the benefits of your services, how you handle onboarding, and how easy it is for their employees to start using the software.

4. Draw the track

5. Show them a report



If you'd like, you can also use the Fleet app in the demo. It's great to show managers and fleet owners how they can manage their fleet from anywhere using only a smartphone. 

Learn more about using the device simulator.