Passenger Manager

This is a deprecated feature. Please, read more information in our deprecation schedule.

Passenger Manager is a back-end solution to track passengers in real-time and provide historical reporting. You can see an overview of the features in this article

In order to use the Passenger Manager feature in GpsGate, follow the steps below to add the Passenger Manager plugin and privileges.

Site Admin setup

Plugin installation 

  1. Login to Site Admin and go to the Plugins tab
  2. Select the Get More Plugins > to install the Passenger Manager plugin

Activate Passenger Manager

  1. Go to SiteAdmin > Applications (select an application) > Privileges and Features Plugins > Passenger Manager. Enable all the privileges under that category.  
  2. Save your application settings at the bottom of the page


RFID or iButton setup

Please note: RFID or iButton is required for Passenger Manager in order to check-in and check-out passengers. You can find out more about mapping RFID or iButton in this article.

That's it! You're ready to start using Passenger Manager. Find out how to use it in the Passenger Manager overview guide.