Vehicle Status (beta)

Our new vehicle status is now available in preview release!

  • Everything about the vehicle in the same place
  • Two options: a panel or a 'popover'-style component that displays on the map
  • Built-in toolbar to access key features: drawing today's tracks, zooming in, sharing vehicle location, and editing the vehicle

The new vehicle status provides operators an efficient way to see what is currently displayed on the status panel, vehicle info panel, and marker attributes.

Popover-style vehicle status

The popover vehicle status provides the information you need in a geographic context via the map.


To draw today's tracks, zoom in, share the vehicle location, or edit the vehicle, use the convenient toolbar menu.


The popover size is as small as possible with the contained data, so shorter data fields allow a very small popup.

Panel vehicle status

The panel vehicle status allows you a view of the vehicle status separate from the map. You can drag and drop the panel to customize a workspace that works for you.

The panel features the same shortcut toolbar with tracks, zoom, share, and edit (directly under the vehicle name near the top).


Enabling the panel or popover vehicle status:

Update your beta repository for access to preview features. You can then enable the panel or popover in your application.

Popover vehicle status Panel vehicle status
Select Vehicle Status (Beta) from the Map menu Select Vehicle Status (Beta) from the Window menu
mceclip7.png mceclip8.png


Planned improvements

This is an early version of the new vehicle status. We have plans for future development that will make this feature even more usable and customizable. In addition to allowing you to customize the info shows, we will also work to provide a full-fledged replacement for marker attributes.

As always, if you have feedback on the new feature, please send it to and we will route it to the correct team.