Add and review your Maintenance (Legacy) logs

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

This guide explains how to add and review Maintenance logs.

If you want to add logs by import, check this guide instead.

Before having the possibility to add Maintenance logs you need:

1. Maintenance (Legacy) setup

2. Create maintenance schedules

Why do I need to add maintenance logs?

Maintenance logs are necessary to mark the starting point of a maintenance schedule and/or to specify when the last maintenance operation has taken place.

Add a new maintenance log

1. To add new maintenance logs, go to Window > Maintenance > Status


2. Select the vehicle from which you want to update the log

3. Select which event you want to update (the same vehicle could have multiple maintenance events under the same schedule).

4. Select + Log Event

5. Add a comment to the log, and then click the green Log button

Now your event has been updated with the new log and the status should display in green again.

Review and edit maintenance logs

To review and/or edit maintenance logs, follow the steps of Adding a Maintenance log up to step 4. In that step, select Show Log instead

Now all registered logs for that specific event will be listed