Rendezvous - know when vehicles come close to each other

The rendezvous plugin can be used to detect if a user comes close to another user that is included in a specified Tag.



1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install Rendezvous plugin.


1. Go to Admin > Event Rules

2. Create a new rule

3. On step 4. Expressions, select Rendezvous


4. Select a Tag that contains the vehicles you want to have the alert, and specify the distance that will trigger it. Note that you can choose to have the alert when the vehicles become close to each other (Inside) or when they go away from each other (Outside).

In the example below, any vehicle inside the Vehicles rendezvous tag, will trigger an alert when they're within 100 meters of each other.


5. Continue with the rest of the Event Rule wizard setting up your notifications according to your needs.


Rendezvous can also be used in script expressions to define more advanced scripting conditions according to your needs.


strAction: Enter (Inside) or Exit (Outside)

Read more about script expressions.