How to get a list of users within a Tag using REST API

This guide will show you how to obtain a list of users within a Tag using REST API.


The Commands REST API resource requires the following information when using it:

Resources used

  • Tags > Get - to get a list of Tags and their IDs
  • Tags > Get users - to get a list of users within a tag.

Get a list of tags

The first step is obtaining the list of Tags and their IDs. We will use those IDs later on to retrieve the users within a tag.

1. Log in to http://host_name/comGpsGate/api/v.1/test 

Note: replace host_name with your actual server IP address or DNS name.

2. Click on the resource name /applications/{applicationid:int}/tags to Get a list of Tags and click on > Try it out option.


3. Enter the following details:

4. Click on Execute


Under the Response area, you should be able to see the Tags and their IDs of that application.

We will use from now on the ID obtained of the desired Tag


Get the users contained in a Tag

1. Click on /applications/{applicationid:int}/tags/{tagid:int}/users to get users within a tag

 Click on > Try it out option.


2. Enter the following details:

3. Click on Execute


Under the response area, you will see the users contained within that tag and their IDs