Add who assigned jobs in your DI1000 report

The DI1000 report could be used on a regular basis to know about which dispatch jobs have been already done. This report does not include who was the creator/assigner of those jobs. To add who was the creator of the job, follow the steps below.



We will use CreatorID field to know who had assigned the job to a worker. 

1. Duplicate the DI1001 report (how to duplicate a report, detailed instructions here).

2. Add the replacement formula in the desired cell of the report. Example:

$math.eval([CreatorID] == '9' ? 'Operator1' : [CreatorID] == '14' ? 'Operator2' : 'N/A')

(More info about the replacement formula you can find here).



  •  [CreatorID] == '9' ? 'Operator1' > 1rst Parameter
  •  [CreatorID] == '14' ? 'Operator2' > 2nd Parameter
  •  'N/A' > Default value, you can add any text between the '' characters.

The values 9 and 14, and the Operator1 and Operator2 are used as an example, you will have to replace your own CreatorID numbers and own operator names in the formula (to know about how to obtain the Creator ID number, read below).

3. Save the report.

4. Activate the new report in your application.

The result will be similar to this:


How to obtain the CreatorID

You can see the list of your CreatorID when executing the queries in the report Query Editor (you will need to know beforehand who had created those jobs to make your own list CreatorID = Name).

1. Open your report copy, go to Query Editor


2. Fill out the parameters to the right after selecting an application. You will need an application where you have dispatch jobs that are in the Completed status, so they could be visible in the DI1001 report.

Read more about the different dispatch statuses here.

3. If you have jobs completed, you will see the column CreatorID where you can tell which operators IDs created those jobs (you need to login to the dispatch application with the right operator, and create those jobs for the workers). Remember the jobs have to be in the 'completed' status. It's possible to create the jobs directly with this status right after the job's creation.