Add your company name to the browser tab

With this feature, you can add your company/organization name into the tab of your browser.


  • The name will be available when you log into the applications. The company name will not be visible in Site Admin.
  • The name will be available to all the applications of your server using the same language.
  • This setting has to be applied per language used in the server.


1. Make sure you have Localization enabled for your user and application

2. Log in to your application

3. Select Admin > Localization

4. Select the English language (if that is the language used in your applications)

5. Add the column Key

6. Search for the key VT_PAGE_TITLE_MASTER and add your Company name in Custom Translate column

7. Click in Save & Reload

8. Go back to Site Admin > Settings > Localization

9. Click on Rescan languages and measurements

Now you should see your company name in the tab of your browser.