Tracks and trips troubleshooting

Note: Tracks is the default experience for users (previously Tracks 2.0 (Beta) in the UI). You can select Tracks (Legacy) from the Tracks panel menu.

Possible problems

  • I track slow-moving vehicles: the tracking points data is not accurate.
  • The distances displayed on the screen don't match the report
  • My device sent three different reports to GpsGate but on the track points I only see two of these reports. Some position reports are being filtered.


  • Event Rules always use unfiltered data to generate events. 
  • Reports use always filtered data to display the data.
  • Track filters are a set of rules that removes bad GPS data that the device has sent to the server.
  • Track filters also remove position updates with no new information (both related to the position and/or new signals. 
  • All position updates in the previous situation will generate filtered tracks in your application.
  • Filtered tracks are shown by default.


  • Activate the filter reader. This should be the default value. The filter should only be deactivated for troubleshooting. 

Make sure this Privilege is enabled in your application properties in Site Admin

Select Tracks Legacy


Then select Track settings


blog_distance_image_001_nofilter.png blog_distance_image_002_filter.png
Tracks with filter deactivated Tracks with filter activated


Trips related issues

Possible problems

  • The Trips are displaying 0 km/miles when they should display higher values.
  • Trip and Idle reports are showing wrong distance values (ex. 0 km/miles) on each trip.


  • The trip definition defines the trip and idling/stops of a vehicle.
  • The default trip option is GPS movement which is based on the vehicle's speed.