Adding your first device using the Guide

If you have an empty/first application, you will be asked by the Guide to add a device when you log in.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Select Connect your own tracker

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 16.25.57.png

2. Select your device model from the list


3. If your device has already generated traffic to the server, you will see the connection down below. You can click on the box and it will turn blue.


3. Click on the Connect button to finally add it.

Congratulations! Now your new device is added to the platform!


Adding a device manually

a. If you don't see any connection while using the guide, make sure you have configured your device properly. Check here for more details.

b. You can also add the tracker details manually by clicking in Add tracker manually + button.


And enter the IMEI/Device number below:


Add the tracker to the list by clicking on + button, then finally click Connect.


Using this option, your device will start generating traffic to the server as soon as it's configured and operating normally.