Diagnosing Teltonika behavior using the parser

When you have a Teltonika device connected to GpsGate in some circumstances you want to diagnose the device behavior to see if it responds according to the configuration you have saved in the device. Teltonika has a tool called Parser that requires data in HEX format before translating the values registered by the device. With small HEX Converter tool you can convert the original message in a readable format that can feed the parser. Interpreting the parser results requires the device protocol document provided by Teltonika.

Use this tool to diagnose Teltonika HEX data to answer questions like:

  • I configured my device in a certain way, while testing, I don't know if the device is responding as it should.
  • I see incoming terminal data in GpsGate, but I don't know if the value is being received after mapping the inputs to my variables.

Download the tools

Using the tool

1. Copy the blue (HEX) message from the terminal window.

2. Paste the HEX message into this tool.

3. Convert it.


Note: make sure you only paste HEX data into the converter, otherwise the conversion will fail.

4. Paste the result into Teltonika parser and click in Decode to decode the data.


5. Find in the device protocol document the PROPERTY ID/AVL ID and compare the same ID found in the parser. If your device is not listed on their site, contact Teltonika to provide you with the relevant protocol document for your device.

Example: if you want to know if Ignition is being received or not, compare the Property ID/AVL ID from the document with the ID of the parser:


Next steps

  • If you don't see the expected value in the PROPERTY ID/AVL ID in the Teltonika parser, contact Teltonika for support.
  • If you see the expected value in Teltonika parser but not in GpsGate (even after mapping the input to a variable), contact GpsGate support. Don't forget to send terminal data as an attachment in a TXT file for further analysis.