Customize the vehicle status panel with key daily statistics

Use the vehicle status panel to display real-time daily statistics for the selected vehicle. This allows a view of the daily stats directly in the application without running reports. 

What kinds of daily statistics can you add?

  • Driving time
  • Maximum speed
  • Distance today (Only working with Device Odometer)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine hours

You can create a sort of 'single view of a vehicle' - all of the critical information available with one click.

Let’s run through the case shown in the screenshot below. We’ll add today's total driving time, total driving distance today, and today’s maximum speed.


1. How to create Daily Driving Time:

•      Create a script device mapper to use as an accumulator input. You will use engine status (with speed>0) as the boolean value for the device.

if(trackPoint.velocity.groundSpeed > 0)


  return true;


return false;


•      Create an accumulator with the engine status input and set the interval as daily.

Read more about custom accumulators here.



•     Show the value on the vehicle status panel and vehicle list.

(Note: we are using speed as the condition to check if the vehicle is running. If the device supports the engine signal, you can use that instead if desired.)

2. How to create Distance and Max Speed

•      Add two variables Distance_Today and MaxSpeed  as System.Double under Site Admin -> Device -> Variables

•      Import this event rule using the import method shown in this guide.

•      Add the column Daily Distance and Max Speed to the vehicle list.

•      Show the values on the vehicle status panel and vehicle list.

You can add more variables to the event rule or accumulator to capture and display more stats in the panel.

Note: The status resets every day at midnight. This may result in partial data if you view the stats immediately after setup. They will be accurate and complete following the next midnight reset.