Create custom Maintenance (Legacy) notification messages

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

With Maintenance (Legacy), you can set scheduled notification messages via SMS or email to any user(s). The notifications are reminders of their upcoming vehicles' maintenance.

Read how to set up Maintenance here.

How to create a custom notification message

1. Open Window > Maintenance > Schedules


2. Open the options menu and click on Notification Templates


3. Click on New Notification Templates button


4. Customize your notification.

Note that you have 2 types of notifications. One for distance (Accumulator Event) and another for time (Time Event). Choose the one that adjusts to the situation you need to notify the user of.

Use the variables from the list to complete your template.


You can use the Preview button to see how the notification will look like.


5. Save your new custom notification by clicking on Save.

Now your new notification is ready to be used.


How to use your custom notification for a new event

1. Edit/add a new Schedule.

Read more how to add maintenance schedules here.

2. When you select your Distance/Time event, you will notice the new notification template is available from the list.


3. Save your event schedule.